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Why Use a Wooden Comb: 8 Benefits for Your Hair and Scalp

Updated: Feb 6

1. Combing Feels like Head Massaging

The wooden teeth of the comb have an amazing feel on the scalp. It’s like little fingers giving you a head massage. It is very relaxing and gentle on the scalp.

2. Boosts Blood Circulation

As you comb with the wooden comb, its massaging effects boost blood flow to the scalp, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the roots. This, in turn, will promote thicker and healthier hair growth.

3. Makes Hair Shinier and Bouncier

Our scalp bestows our hair with a supply of natural oils (sebum), which acts as a lovely conditioner and protector. As you comb from scalp to ends, the sebum gets distributed evenly, increasing the shine and bounce of the hair. A wooden comb does a better job of sebum distribution than plastic. Wood absorbs sebum, and as you comb hair, it evenly coats hair with it.

4. Keeps Static Away

Remember, as kids we have done the static experiment with the plastic ruler and paper pieces. Likewise, the plastic comb can cause static in our hair and make the hair stand out wild. Why does that happen? That’s because positive attracts negative.

Plastic comb carries a mild negative charge, and our hair has a positive charge. So as you comb, there’s a transfer of electrons from positive to negative, and that generates static electricity. Due to static, hair first sticks to the comb, and after you remove the comb, the hairs repel each other, and they stand out. Wooden comb almost neutral charge, keeps static at bay.

5. Reduces Hair Breakage

There are two factors to this:

First, the wooden comb won’t create static and therefore detangles hair more easily. And another, as wooden comb coats each hair strand with natural oils, the hair stays flexible and protected when you comb or style. Over time, you will see less breakage and split ends.