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I was having significant hair fall back in October / November 2022 due to my autoimmune condition and wanted to try Fennel seeds. I've been using rosemary herb but as I did more research I came across fennel seeds as another option to add to my routine. I've been experimenting for the past two months and it's been going very well and I wanted to share.

Fennel Seeds help to strengthen your roots and fight your hair fall. The antioxidants and nutrients present in fennel seeds strengthen the roots of your hair and give your follicles some life. They are packed with antioxidants, as well as nutrients like pantothenic acid, iron, molybdenum, copper, folate, iron, and niacin that stimulate hair growth.

Fennel helps fight oxidative stress

About 15% of Fennel’s nutritional value is made up of vitamin C, making it a very potent antioxidant. Vitamin C is also a known electron donor, which help prevent oxidative damage caused by imbalance of free radical levels in our body. Oxidative stress can manifest in a variety of ways, from breakage to hair loss as a result of rapid aging.

Here is an easy fennel tea rinse

  • Boil some water with a few spoonful fennel seeds.

  • Once boiled, strain the water and let it cool down.

  • Next, rinse your hair thoroughly with the water and leave-in.

  • Repeat this twice or every wash-day or as needed.

To Drink

Just brew as you would your normal tea and drink.


Happy to report my hair fall has reduced dramatically. Below are a list of things I've been doing on my hair. I keep it as simple as possible these days.

  1. Pearlina Nourished Hair Drops on my scalp before each wash-day. Massage in, cover with shower cap and leave for 2 hours.

  2. The Kit - softening shampoo and coconut conditioner.

  3. After I condition my hair, rinse with either fennel tea or rosemary or any other herbal tea I have available to use. I always leave-in my tea rinses.

  4. Then I let my hair air dry for a bit then finish blow drying with very low heat (it takes for ever to dry otherwise).

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Mar 08, 2023

This is information I can definitely use, giving the current state of my hair, Thank you ✅

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