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With time, your hair suffers split ends and you end up with a mess of your hair. It just doesn’t end there, dryness follows and soon, hair growth seizes temporarily. To avoid that make a habit out of trimming your hair every 8 to 10 weeks. This will keep the split ends at away and your hair will grow at optimal speed. So, for each cutting of two cm of hair, you might grow as much as 5 cm each week! Let's go into some dos and don'ts....


  • Regularly oil your hair especially in hair fall seasons.

  • Use honey along with mayonnaise to help keep hair strong and shiny.

  • Carry a healthy diet in order to avoid hair fall.

  • Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day which will help maintain healthy hair.

  • Always stay happy and content with what you have as stress and tension adversely affect the hair.


  • Avoid direct contact of hair with sunlight.

  • Use hair styling products which provide heat to the hair less frequently.

  • Avoid going for a complete hair dye or streaks which consequently cuts down your original hair color.

  • Usually keep the hair tied instead of opening them and let them flaunt as people jinx nice looking hair.

Hair growth is challenging. It not only demands patience on your part, but you have to be conscious and vigilant to any changes you may feel that your hair is going through. Along comes the need for multiple medications if you are urgent. Besides, it is difficult to get accustomed to long hair if you are used to short lengths.

In light of these facts, growing your hair is a huge leap that demands huge faith and perseverance on part of the person taking it. A specialist’s assistance might be a good idea, but before you start considering these serious options, you must try at least a few of the home remedies which have been used to grow hair for centuries.

Consider your options carefully and devise a plan that features the right combinations of massages and diet which, you think, fits you perfectly. Here is a list of easy ways to make your hair grow faster, which you must consider.


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