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We believe good, whole food is the basis of health, and that the best moments of the day happen at the dinner table. We think ingredient sourcing is important: for our guts,  overall body and because you need fewer things and simpler recipes when the ingredients stand on their own. Many of our recipes are relatively virtuous, hearty, nourishing, and accessible for even novice home cooks. 

A great state of mind can be directly related to your diet. Food plays such an essential part to our overall heath; the right diet can help with reducing the risk of chronic diseases and aid with maintaining a healthy body weight. Studies has shown that certain foods also assist with the recovery time from illness.  Both your physical and mental health can be vastly improved just by eating right, so why not eat right, feel right?

A healthy diet may consist of all the food groups. However, the success lies within the proper planning and execution of your diet. The correct amount of nutrients and energy you need to maintain your daily activities is key. Whether it consist of your daily house routines or your daily exercises. An easy way to look at it, is the balancing of what you put in your body versus what you get out of it. Too much leads to weight gain and health risk and too little leads to weight loss and a fight for energy. Balancing your intake and output is key to sustaining a healthier and better you.

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