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Thandie Newton Shares

thandie newton

Thandie Newton, a renowned actress, not only captivates audiences with her talent but also inspires with her approach to beauty. Let's delve into some beauty lessons she lives by, drawing insights from her interviews...

Embrace Natural Beauty

Thandie emphasizes embracing natural features. In her words,

"Real beauty is about embracing your uniqueness, imperfections and all."

On aging, she advised in Glamour UK, "Settle in with what you have. This is it, this is me, and find that confidence from within," she said. "That's about accepting yourself the way you are, recognizing what you love about it, whether that's looking back into your family and recognizing the strengths that you may have inherited or thinking about yourself and the life that you lead and how you benefit other people."

thandie newton

Skincare as a Priority

The actress often stresses the importance of skincare. "Taking care of your skin is an investment. It's the canvas for everything else," she advises.

"Think about what’s going inside your body. Your skin is this incredible map telling you what’s going on," she said in Huffington Post. "It can look extraordinary if you feed yourself well. It’s not about not eating sugar or not eating wheat, and it’s about moderation."

The book Eat Yourself Young by naturopath Elizabeth Peynton Jones has guided her habits, she told Glamour UK. "You just read it and immediately want to run out and get a juicer. Just one fabulous juice a day can fill your body with all the right vitamins and minerals, which make you feel amazing," Thandie said.

Her fitness routine also plays a role in her skin.

"When I practice yoga, I love doing a headstand," she told Redbook. "I could hang out like that for so long. It's a good way of resetting — plus, the blood rushes to my head, and when I get up, I have an instant glow." No products are required! Staying hydrated is a recurring theme in Thandie's beauty philosophy. "Water is my best-kept beauty secret. It keeps my skin radiant and energizes me," she shares.

thandie newton

She prioritizes getting fresh air.

"When I’m in the ocean, my skin just is glowing. Within days, any bumps, tired lines or dryness disappears," she told HuffPo. "I think there’s something about that wonderful freshness of the ocean air or fresh air. You’re out and about; it’s so good for you. We spend so much time indoors with central heating, which dries the skin out. So I try to get out as much as possible." In interviews, Thandie Newton advocates for daily sunscreen use as well. "Protecting your skin from the sun is a non-negotiable. It's the key to youthful and healthy skin," she asserts.

Thandie Newton's beauty lessons revolve around self-acceptance, skincare, confidence, hydration, and sun protection. Incorporating these principles into your routine can lead to a timeless and radiant beauty beyond trends. Thandie herself would say,

"Beauty is about feeling comfortable in your skin and embracing the uniqueness that makes you, you."


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