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Eat these food for healthy hair growth from the inside out.

SWEET POTATOES Whether roasted, baked, or turned into mash, sweet potato is loaded with beta carotene to help promote hair growth.

YELLOW PEPPERS – Think ‘hair growth’ and antioxidants don’t generally spring to mind, but the oxidising molecules – aids in strengthening the hair shaft and follicles. Add plenty of yellow bell peppers to your diet (they have almost five and a half times more vitamin C than oranges) and you can prevent breakages in the long term.

ALMONDS – Snacking on these biotin-packed nuts should result in a faster-growing and thicker mane. Awesome

EGGS The egg yolk, which is the omega-3 and biotin-rich part works wonders for our locks.

AVOCADOS If like me, you can’t get enough of an avocado (on toast, baked et al) then you’ll be pleased to hear they have lock-boosting properties, too. An essential source of fatty acids (the kind found naturally in skin cells),they stimulate collagen and elastin production on your scalp. Tuck into them at lunch time, weekend snack time and dinner time. For a hair treat make your own mask by mixing a small amount with sour cream, applying to your hair and scalp, leaving on for ten minutes and washing off, removing dead skin cells and scalp build-up – gone.

SUNFLOWER SEEDS Sprinkle some vitamin E-rich sunflower seeds onto your salads or main dishes for a fuss-free way to get enhanced blood flow to the scalp and, consequently, faster hair growth.

SALMON The oily fish has long been associated with glowing skin and luscious locks.Laden with vitamin D, protein and omega-3 fatty acids help to keep your scalp healthy and tresses strong.


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