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Hey if you didn’t know there are a few easy-peasy ways to lighten up your cakes, pancakes, cookies et al without having to spit it out on the first bite!  Keep reading for some healthy baking substitutes…

Healthy baking subsitutes

Coconut milk instead of dairy

I know from experience almond milk does not cut it in baking when the recipe calls for full-fat dairy milk or cream. Coconut milk is a great healthy baking substitute due to its fat content. For a heavy cream swap, try coconut cream. I even saw coconut whipping cream, coconut evaporated milk and coconut-sweetened condensed milk in cans! We have come a long way

healthy baking substitutes

Monk fruit for sugar

These days we are steering clear of sugar! This natural sweetener is a bomb-ass option. It’s 150 to 200 times sweeter than sugar, without any yucky aftertaste like artificial sweeteners. It’s zero calories, zero carbs, zero sodium, and zero fat, making it the ultimate sweet swap, where the hell has this thing been hiding eh?

healthy baking substitutes

Another healthy baking substitute is Flaxseeds for eggs

If you’re trying to be an angel and stick to a vegan diet, a flaxseed egg substitute is your best bet and it’s easy to make. Use ground flaxseeds for smoother results, plus, they are high in healthy omegas and fiber. Combine a tablespoon of ground flaxseeds with 3 tablespoons of water and let sit for five minutes then mix that baby up like it’s a brown happy egg!

healthy baking substitutes

Gluten-free flour

There are so many different flours to choose from these days. we got almond, chickpea, rice, millet, sorghum, green banana, potato starch, arrowroot powder shall I keep going? Ok, I guess not! These are all great, protein-packed flour options, in my experience, they never behave the same as traditional flour. Nut flours always need a starchy partner like potato starch – make sure you find the right combo Or heck just make your own blend or buy it in the stores…


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