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Updated: Jul 28, 2021

WASH WITH A GENTLE CLEANSER While I’d always recommend a mild cleanser, it’s even more important in the winter when your skin is already dehydrated. You don’t want to strip away the natural oils with a harsh cleanser. Lately, I’ve been loving the Cetaphil gentle face cleanser. You do not need a “squeaky clean” feeling from a cleanser for it to be working!  Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser Cetaphil Daily Face Cleanser

APPLY A TONER A good toner should always be part of your skincare routine, regardless of the time of year. I like Epicuren’s Skin Conditioner Enzyme Toner. Skin Conditioner Enzyme Toner.

NOURISH SKIN WITH A DAILY MOISTURIZER Skipping moisturizer isn’t an option in the winter, especially when your skin is as dry as mine. Immediately after cleansing and applying a toner, I massage Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream moisturizer onto the skin. I’m obsessed with this cream at the moment and have been using it daily.  I also like the Tatcha Water Cream  for that dewy skin look (I alternate between the two)

FINISH WITH A HYDRATING OIL As the last step in my winter skincare routine, I add couple drops of hydration on top of my moisturizer with the Kiehls Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution I love this, because it is lightweight and leaves my skin with the glowy, dewy look that I love. I apply a few drops to my palms, rub them together gently to warm it up and then pat it onto my face and neck.

USE A RICH NIGHTTIME CREAM “Cream” is the keyword here. Leaving behind the lightweight moisturizers of the summer, invest in a cream moisturizer that is really going to lock in the hydration while you sleep. Find a rich moisturizer without fragrance or other irritating ingredients. I love Epicuren FACIAL EMULSION ENZYME MOISTURIZER  because it is fast-absorbing and is highly moisturizing without feeling greasy. I also have a few drop of Kiehls midnight recovery face oil.

BUFF SKIN WITH A GENTLE EXFOLIANT With dry skin comes flaky skin, so exfoliating should be a staple part of your winter skincare routine. I’ve completely stopped using physical exfoliators (like apricot or walnut scrubs and microbeads) because of the damage they can cause to your skin. Instead, I love a gentle exfoliant, like sugar. Yes castor sugar is my current favorite. I also use Tatcha’s  – The Rice Polish: Deep Foaming Enzyme Powder

7. HYDRATE!  It’s easy to forget about drinking loads of water when you’re not in the heat of summer, but all of these skincare steps and products will have a limited impact if you don’t also hydrate from the inside!

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