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People who know and show proper etiquette are often perceived as being elegant. Elegance is an attitude, is having inner style and knowing how to dress in an appropriate way. It means also to know which are the good and bad parts of your body, to know your environment and people you connect with.

An elegant woman is poised and polite. You can demonstrate this refinement by being kind and respectful to everyone around you. Communicate clearly and maintain your composure, no matter the situation. An elegant woman also cares about her appearance and takes time to groom herself.


Be self-aware and authentic. Pay attention to how you act and react to the people around you. Consider your values, interests, and hobbies. Once you understand and accept yourself for who you are, you can work on being true to yourself, which is the mark of an elegant woman. Make decisions for yourself based on what you want and need. For example, don’t avoid taking your vacation time just because your co-workers pride themselves on racking up the hours. If you need a break, and have earned one, take it.

To sum up, TRUE elegance is about living a life that is ….Graceful …Authentic … and Intentional Elegance is not so much about what you wear, it’s about who you are – who you choose to be. In other words,  It’s a way of life.


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