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EPOC and Calorie burning workouts

The reason why the five moves are so effective is because of something called, “EPOC”, or Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption.

Here’s how EPOC works.

When we work out, our body uses up oxygen to burn calories. But these moves continue to use oxygen to burn calories after we’ve finished with them.

And the more intense the move, the more oxygen our body needs to repair muscles and to recover. In short, the higher the intensity, the greater the post-workout calorie burn is.

So, when you do the following these five moves, push yourself and go all out. This will make your EPOC even higher. Okay that’s enough ramblings, here are the top five calorie burning moves to include in your next workout:

Jump rope (Aim for 100-120 skips per minute)

Sprint up the stair or run up hill (Try to run for up to 20 seconds)

Interval cycling (Try to alternate between moderate pace and high intensity speeds)

Kickboxing (Shoot for 90 seconds of kickboxing with a 30 second rest interval)

Running (Add quick bursts of sprinting into a steady pace for a higher EPOC)


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