We Love Avocados!

Today just became infinitely better — it’s National Avocado Day! To celebrate, we’ve put together our favorite facts, recipes, avo-mazing Amazon finds and more. Endless avocados are all we avo wanted. Enjoy! 7 Fast Avocado Facts: -Avocados are actually a fruit! -Another name for avocados is alligator pears. -A-peel-ing idea: To get the most flesh from an avocado, cut it into quarters and peel the skin. -Avocados are a great source of antioxidants, Vitamin E, high in fiber and low in carbs. -The two avocado varieties commonly found in the US are Florida and Hass. Florida avocados are lower in fat with a firmer texture. Hass avocados are perfect for mashing into your favorite guacamole. -You can swap avocado for butter to make recipes vegan. -While the avocado skin and pit can be toxic to dogs and cat, most household pets (except birds) can enjoy the yummy green fruit.

Avocados are so much more than just guac. Here are some of Swirled’s favorite ways to enjoy this famous fruit.

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