First thing’s first look after your scalp it’s by an extension of your skin. And surprisingly, the scalp is more delicate requiring more care, which we sometimes ignore.

The scalp has glands and hair follicles, which in turn may cause a barrier for the scalp from receiving the required nutrients to stay healthy.

Also, after washing your hair make sure that you moisturize it and apply nourishing hair drops like our Pearlina nourished hair drops to your scalp. This will ensure that your hair does not lose its natural moisture.

When washing the braided hair, be gentle on the scalp, you might be tempted to rub it in to remove the dirt build-up but this will be causing more harm to your scalp. Once done cleaning your braided hair, dry the braid properly by squeezing out the hair and not pulling. Pulling also causes more tension on your scalp

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