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BRAIDS WASHDAY: A breakdown (save this 🔖 )

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

1st — SWIPE TO SEE HOW I WASH MY BRAIDS. 2nd how I apply my hair growth oil- it’s bloody nourishing LOL!

Okay let me break it down (most of y’all know tho): ⠀

S – I spritz my hair with water then apply (moisturizing) shampoo to my scalp and massage until sudsy. I give it a good massage with the soft part of my fingertips.

R – I rinse and condition (rosemary & mint ) my hair in the shower. My hair is super clean and moisturized.

Oil – I let my microfibre towel soak up all the water (about 20 mins) then I apply my growth oil to my scalp and gently massage for 10 mins. Emphasis on *GENTLY* to avoid your braids frizzing up. Apply leave-in ends and seal with a little more oil.

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